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The 8 common habits of people who succeed in everything they start out with

The 8 common habits of people who succeed in everything they start out with

Everyone wants to succeed. It doesn't matter how that word is defined for everyone. We all have desires, dreams, ideals. And our habits have the power to create our future. Some people believe in their dreams and others don't even have any. Some work to make their dreams come true and others do not. Others unfortunately do not.

As Napoleon Hill said:

Plant an action, reap a habit

Plant a habit, harvest a character

Plant a character, harvest a destiny.


So to speak, your destiny depends on your character, which in turn depends on your habits, which in turn depend on your actions.

Almost all successful men and women talk to us about the power of rituals. They tell us that our morning or night rituals are part of what distinguishes them from others. The book "The Power of Habits"-Charles Duhigg, explains in a simple way how our habits create and guide our lives and even how to get rid of a bad habit.

He says that in order to get rid of a bad habit, you have to replace it with a new one. But this is not as easy as it sounds because it requires a lot of self-discipline and determination. No one gets up one morning and says "I'm going to stop smoking", "I won't drink any more alcohol", "I'll get up every day at 4.30 am without alarm". No statement will work if you don't believe in it yourself, let alone develop habits to do so.

Scientists tell us that a habit is formed by doing the same thing for 21 consecutive days. Here are the 8 simple habits to form in you in order to forge your character and your destiny towards success.

1- Read daily

Great leaders are great readers. But be selective in your choice of books because they are the food of the reader's min

On the shelf, on the phone, or in a physical book, choose where you feel most comfortable. Books of romance and eroticism make us sensitive to romance, thrillers make us more attentive to our surroundings, religious books increase our level of spirituality, books of personal development cultivate the soul of a philosopher in each of us and teach us to know ourselves better. The last two categories are closely related, however. Depending on the books with which you nourish your spirit, you forge your character and thus your destin

Here is a selection of my favorite books; books that have helped me become who I am. Take a look at them her

PS: The destiny in question is not an unchangeable fate on which we are irreducible or on which we depend. There is no painting in the sky that tells us how and when we will end our days. We are all responsible for our destiny. Every act, every thought, every word we express changes our destin

2- Focus on the most important tasks

Develop the habit of focusing only on the things that really matter. By doing so, you will save a lot of time and energy. Who wouldn't want more time and energy?

The female gender has the particularity of being multi-tasked and this is even worse in some people (me first I must admit it). It still happens to me sometimes to do 4 tasks at the same time, simple or less simple, then to realize 3 hours later that it was a big waste of time.

3- Make your health a priority

A sick body is like a heavy weight to carry. A

Good health is therefore essential to succeed in what you undertake. Exercise, eat healthy (you will no longer see your food in the same way), apply the rules of hygiene but above all, do it regularly. This way, even the least exciting activities can become a habit.

4- Learn from your mistakes and those of others

You must know someone who is more successful at what you like to do! If this person is not in your entourage, use the internet and social networks to get closer to them.

You can communicate by email or through certain social media. Watch documentaries and videos about them; listen to their podcasts, read their books or books about them. This will allow you to learn from her and discover the secret of her success.

5- Make a To-Do list the day before you start your day

If when I get up in the morning I have no idea what I have to do, I will go back to bed until I find a reason to get up.

Getting in the habit of planning for the next day is essential if you want to be more productive during your days. It's such a good feeling to go to bed at night knowing that you've accomplished everything you set out to do.

6- Review your goals regularly

One of the worst mistakes you can make in managing your time is just keeping your goals in mind. It's important to have them written down on a piece of paper or on a very personal laptop.

This is a subconscious printing technique called Scripting.

Also remember that your goals are intimate and should always stay with you, ready to bring you back to your senses when you feel lost or undecided.

Read also how to set important and attainable goals.

7- Take action, even when you are afraid

"Do something that scares you every day" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Fear is man's number one enemy. Fear of being judged, fear of losing one's job, fear of not being up to scratch, fear of ending up alone, fear of, fear of .

Make a habit, when fear appears, of looking her in the face and saying "you no longer have any effect on me". Every time you act in spite of your fear, you will end up not being afraid anymore.

In his book "Smarter than the Devil", Napoleon Hill discusses with "the Devil" who turns out to be our fears.

8- Have a powerful and inspiring "why?

There's nothing wrong with being curious. Curiosity is what opens the doors to knowledge. Successful people are accustomed to asking themselves and others the same question: "why?

The best way to learn is to question oneself and find the answers to one's own questions. Moreover, curiosity is what makes people create solutions for the world. So keep asking yourself "why?" in front of everything.

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