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Why Self-Confidence Is More Important Than You Think ?

How self confidence is helpful ?

Cultivate and develop your self-confidence. Easier said than done! Yet it is one of the keys that can condition the success of a business launch.

Most entrepreneurs who are starting out experience difficulties at this level and are very critical of themselves and their actions. They therefore become their worst detractors, always ready to scuttle any initiative that would have the courage to point the tip of its nose.

And if you're a perfectionist by nature, it's even worse! Nothing is ever beautiful, good, fast or efficient enough in your eyes... and yet it is very common among people who try the adventure of creating a company.

In the culture of my country (Switzerland), self-confidence, if asserted, can quickly be misinterpreted as boasting or even arrogance.

Yet it shows a tendency to be able to focus on one's true raison d'être (whyology), take a positive look at life and have faith in one's own ability to achieve one's goals.

Quite frankly, I believe that it is virtually impossible to become a successful entrepreneur without strong self-confidence.

Why self-confidence is so important ?

1. It allows you to make the right decisions

As I have already discussed in several articles, a starter spends his time making decisions in any phase of the life of his company. Often, these decisions are difficult and require taking risks!

Therefore, the more you have confidence in yourself and your ideas, the more you will increase your ability to make the right decisions in a context where uncertainty is the rule.

2. It breeds positivism

Self-confidence allows you to look at things in a positive and positive way.

Positivity: Character of what is positive, constructive.

When you start a business, it is very easy to be blocked by your own fears and doubts (not to mention those of those around you or the bad tongues).

People with strong self-confidence automatically develop a habit of seeing the "glass half full" rather than the opposite. This allows them to push away fears and overcome obstacles on the road to success.

3. It allows one to get up after a failure

Failure is an integral part of an entrepreneur's life. Falling down the hole or getting up again with double motivation and new knowledge is ultimately a matter of perspective.

A high level of self-confidence helps to prepare the ground for this problem. When you are confident, failure is only a necessary step in your journey to reach your goals.

Starters who do not have enough self-confidence unfortunately tend to give up too quickly in the face of difficulties.

4. It conditions leadership

Self-confidence is one of the basic characteristics of true leaders.

Believing in oneself is essential if we want to inspire others and make them want to follow us in the adventure. A true leader advances without turning around with his conviction, as a banner, and allows his team to overcome their own fears.

5. It maximizes performance

Finally, self-confidence helps entrepreneurs maximize their operational and strategic performance.

It lowers stress levels, builds a compelling brand, achieves above-average results and works optimally.

How to develop self-confidence

Self-esteem is therefore a crucial element in the life of an entrepreneur. So how do you develop and cultivate this "quality"?

There are countless methods, books, podcasts, blogs dedicated to this theme but I want to pass on a few simple tips and tricks that summarize, in my opinion, all this issue:

Be sure of who you want to be

In the end, it's all about personal positioning!

It may seem strange at first, but ask yourself: who do you want to be? And believe me, it's not that easy to answer...

It is not always easy to objectively analyze our strengths, weaknesses, "whyology", personal motivations and goals in life (pro and personal).

However, it is essential and it is the basis for building healthy self-confidence!

Take your time and do your own introspection. Don't hesitate to take a weekend off from your usual activities to really and deeply reflect on it ...

Often doing sports or meditation can accelerate this process of self-discovery.

Once you have completed this phase, set realistic goals and work every day to become the person you want to be. Strengthen your qualities and erase your weaknesses!

It's all between your two shoulders

Negative thoughts and beliefs are poison and can have a disastrous effect on your success and even your health! And as you can imagine, they kill self-confidence...

This is why it is so important to transform your mindset to destroy pessimism and replace it with powerful optimism.

I know that this is not easy and that old habits often resurface.

Remain vigilant and detect as soon as possible the return of negative thoughts, especially in the slightly more difficult moments of your life as an entrepreneur.

The quicker you react, the easier it will be for you to correct the situation and reactivate your positivity!

Celebrate your victories and maintain your "Wall of Fame"!

Nothing like a great victory to boost self-confidence! So make the most of it.

Don't make me believe that you've had nothing but failures in your life so far. And even if you've known the shadows, you've certainly also met the light...

Ok, you probably haven't changed the world yet, but review your journey and you will certainly find sources of satisfaction, missions you have accomplished, projects you have completed and successes that deserve a mention .

Our lives are full of small victories to celebrate and, if we accept them as such, they will boost our confidence.

So often take the time to make a list of those positive results for which your contribution is not in doubt. You'll see, it does so much good and has an incredible impact on self-confidence.

Continue to learn new skills

The past is good, but the future is even better!

Preparing for the future by continuing to learn and training as often as possible is fundamental for an entrepreneur.

In addition, you arm yourself to face the battles to come and build your self-confidence.

So find out what knowledge, new techniques or skills will enable you to turn your ideas into a profitable reality and focus on acquiring them.

Laugh as often as you can

Strange as it may seem to some, many studies have shown the incredible effects of a smile on our health.

Good humor, fun and laughter contribute to our well-being and feeling better is also better in our sneakers.

And the more we are here, now, in the moment, the easier it is to increase our self-confidence.

Let's HAVE FUN Everyday: there are no contraindications or unpleasant side effects!

To conclude

I hope that I have convinced you of the benefits of self-confidence and that you will make the right decisions to develop it on a daily basis.

It's good for your health, your projects, your business and phenomenally strengthens your ability to invent your future.

So bend your chest, celebrate your victories, embody your business, affirm your personality and reach your goals!

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