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The 7 spiritual laws of success

 The 7 spiritual laws of success

You're probably wondering how to achieve success? Actually, there are some essential rules to follow called spiritual laws. If you apply these laws in your daily life, in every event of your life, you will create richness in your life, in harmony with nature, with joy and love.

In this article, I summarize the 7 fundamental laws to apply in order to live success every day. They are taught by Deepak Chopra, in his book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success".

Success, also called personal success, has many aspects that I describe in the article "The 5 Pillars of Personal Success". In reality, success is a journey, not a destination. To experience full success on a daily basis, all you need to do is apply the spiritual laws in each of its components.

But before defining the seven spiritual laws, it is appropriate to go back to a few basic definitions.

What is a spiritual law?

First of all, it is important to clarify the concept of "law". According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, a law is the "process by which the unmanifested manifests itself, the process by which the observer becomes the observed and the scenery becomes the background. It is the path by which the dreamer manifests the dream.

In other words, the law is "the equation" that allows the transformation of raw and inert data into living data. It is the process by which a previously unmanifested element acquires all its energy to manifest itself fully. It is also the passage from the unknown to the known, from the invisible to the visible. The metaphor of the equation is therefore very real! Indeed, in any mathematical law there is an "unknown" variable and parameters that influence this unknown to give it life. The spiritual law acts in the same way: it puts into play factors and unknowns which, put together, manifest themselves and make sense.

Seven Essential Laws for Creating Wealth and Abundance

Now let's look at the seven laws and see how to apply them to our lives.

1. Pure Potentiality

To reach pure potentiality is to reach tranquility. It is the first step on the way to the realization of our desires. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, it is possible to connect to the field of pure potentiality through silence, meditation and non-judgment. He compares this field of pure potentiality to an ocean of tranquility where the creativity inherent in pure consciousness resides. It is the field without which we can then place our creative intentions in it to give them their full potential.

He uses the following metaphor, which I find very vivid and quite humorous:

"Imagine that you are at the edge of a quiet pond. You throw a small stone into it and look at the ripples it causes in the water. Then when the surface of the water is calm again, you throw another stone. This is exactly what you do when you enter the field of pure silence and introduce an intention. In this silence, the intention, however weak it may be, reverberates throughout the entire underlying space [...]t. If you do not experience the stillness of consciousness, if your mind remains a turbulent ocean, you could throw the Empire State Building into it and you would not notice anything. »
Detailed article: "The law of pure potentiality".

2. The donation

This Act could also be called the "Giving and Receiving Act". Indeed, our physical body is at the center of a constant dynamic exchange with the heart of the universe. This constant dynamic exchange is in fact the flow of life. This flow is in fact nothing more than an interaction of forces and energies that structure the field of existence, and consequently the existence of the physical body. Without this flow, it would be nothing. It is therefore necessary to give and receive so that richness and abundance can circulate in each of the components of our lives.

Detailed article (coming soon): "The Law of Giving: 2nd spiritual law of success".

3. Karma or cause and effect

Karma is simultaneously the action and the consequence of the action. It is the cause and at the same time the effect. In other words, everything that is happening to us now is the result of actions we have taken in the past. Surely you know the saying that you reap what you sow? Well, it is the perfect illustration of the law of karma.

Every second of our existence, we have an infinite number of choices: we are plunged into the field of all possibilities. If we wish to live happily, to live a rich and fulfilling life, a life of success, it is only up to our choices. The more conscious our choices are, the more we will be able to master the law of karma at its peak. It is therefore important to increase one's level of consciousness because karma implies a conscious choice.

Detailed article : The law of karma or law of cause and effect

4. Least effort

This 4th law is based on the fact that the intelligence of nature works without any effort. It is the law of harmony and love. In fact, once this law is applied in our lives, our dreams come true on their own, without forcing. It is the law of the least action, of "non-resistance": it is the energy of love. This law is inspired by the workings of nature. Nature functions without difficulty, without friction, spontaneously. It is thus a question of letting energies circulate so that events can unfold in all their fluidity. And for this, we must live the energy of unconditional love. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, when our actions are motivated by love, they open the path of least effort. If we seek power and control over others, we waste energy.

Detailed article : The Law of Least Effort

5. Intention and desire

This law is governed by the fact that energy and information exist everywhere in the universe. The entire universe is the movement of energy and information. Every element on earth is moved by energy and information, with the difference that the human being is endowed with an additional faculty: human consciousness. This consciousness gives us the possibility to consciously transform and cause the manifestation of things.

In reality, this faculty is possible thanks to two components of consciousness: attention and intention. "Intention applied to the object of attention orchestrates an infinity of spatio-temporal events," says Dr. Deepak Chopra. In other words, by using our intention wisely and directing it toward the object of our desire, we can create a multitude of possibilities.

Detailed article : The law of intention and desire

6. The Detachment

The Law of Detachment teaches us that in order to obtain something in the physical universe, we must first detach ourselves from it. Detachment does not mean letting go of intention and desire, quite the contrary! We must be able to detach ourselves from our attachment to results. Attachment is built on the fear of losing something, and the insecurity of not being in possession of it. It is therefore important to practice detachment from results, while continuing to plant the seed of intention and desire in the field of possibilities. Thus, by coupling the law of detachment with the law of intention and desire, it is possible to acquire whatever one wishes.

Detailed article : The law of detachment

7. Dharma or Purpose of Life

Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning "the purpose of life". According to it, we all have a special talent, with a unique way of manifesting it on earth. In other words, there is something we can accomplish better than anyone else in the world. The expression of this talent actually responds to a specific need. It is the meeting of that need and the creative expression of our talent that generates unlimited abundance and wealth.

Detailed article : The law of dharma or purpose of life

In summary :

"You are the expression of your deepest desire
Such is your desire, such is your will
Such is your will, such are your deeds
Such are your acts, such will be your destiny. »
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV. 4..5
After reading these laws, which of them do you seem to apply better in your life? Which ones do you think you should develop in your daily life?
I am curious to know how you practice them and in which cases they have helped you to create wealth in your life.

See you soon.

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