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10 Habits Of Productive People

 Are you a productive person? 10 productivity criteria

In this era where everything goes so fast, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the pace of the world. But before synchronizing with the rhythm of the world, it is important to create a personal rhythm in our daily activities. In other words: to increase our daily productivity.

Productivity is defined as the ability to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently. Efficient, that is to say, as efficiently as possible. Efficient, i.e. in the shortest possible time. So do you think you are a productive person? 

To answer this question you need to compare yourself to the 10 characteristics of super-productive people. So take notes 

1- Distinguish between true and false productivity

True productivity is about getting things done whether you want to or not in the right way. False productivity, on the other hand, is getting busy without really being productive; or giving yourself only tasks that you find easy to do, and then asserting that you are productive (to console yourself).

2 - Are not multitasking

Some women will recognize themselves in this one :-D. The structure of our brain makes us capable of doing several things at once. That's not bad in itself; as long as you know your limit. Don't do 5 things at once to do it wrong. Logic dictates that you can't give all your energy to more than one task at a time.

3- Remove the non-essentials

Non-essentials are everything that is not in your priorities. Productive people know their priorities and work on them first. Everything else comes after. 

Do you know Pareto's Law or the 80/20 rule? This rule states that it's often 20% of what we do that gives us 80% of the results. Recognize what that 20% is and maximize your efforts on it. It would be a shame to waste time on the 80% of tasks that bring you almost no results.

Timothy Ferriss explains it so well in his book "The 4-hour week" that I recommend it to you.

This law is applicable in almost all areas of life: business, relationships, health, profession, etc...

4- Know how to program their days

When I talk about programming I'm not referring to the fact that you have to work like a robot...lol. It's about knowing how to organize your tasks in your agenda.

By the way, you can already get your agenda for the year 2019 by clicking on the image below:

Attacking tasks that are very different from each other which exhausts us. So set yourself tasks that are related to each other and you will see the difference. I also recommend that you attack the most annoying tasks before 11 o'clock in the morning, because it is before that time that we are naturally motivated...can you tell me the contrary?

5- Know the power the boredom

I know you get bored sometimes, just like everyone else. In fact, I often say that boredom is part of the creative process. When you're bored you have 2 possibilities: either leave everything you're doing to go jerk off, or do the smallest, most harmless, simplest possible action to move forward in your task. Which of these 2 options do you choose. 

6- Know when to unplug everything

You have to know when to stop everything. Sometimes you want to do so much and do it so well that you don't realize you're no longer productive. You then fall into false productivity (getting busy).

Recognize when your actions are no longer producing good results and take a break. Blow... relax! It will do you a lot of good.
7- Consider their sleep as "The key".
Just as your phone needs to be recharged from time to time, you need a good night's sleep every day to be at the top of your productivity. I won't say any more because I made a whole video and wrote an article on the subject. 

8- Reward yourself

You don't just have to keep giving. Our ego, our subconscious, our being needs to be rewarded for its efforts. The answer may be the fact that you give yourself one to two hours in the day to do things that you enjoy and relax. In your day's program, don't forget to mention these important moments.

9- Know how to stay focused

You may find this point obvious, but hold on to what I'm about to tell you: almost 20% of the population on earth is addicted to their smartphone. This addiction may make you want to check your phone every 15 minutes, because because because of your habit, a signal is sent to your brain. Warm human relations exist less and less in families. We are constantly surrounded by distractions. We live in an era where information is a little too present, at least where if you don't learn to stay focused, you may not be able to do anything productive during your days.

It is scientifically proven that we reach concentration about 10 minutes after focusing our attention on something. So avoid distractions by turning off your phone notifications and working in the right environment.

10- Train to be more productive

Productive people know that productivity grows. You won't become a productive person from tic to tock. Start by buying yourself a diary, set yourself tasks the day before each day (not many), enjoy the power of boredom, take breaks and reward yourself. As you do this, it will become automatic and you'll find it easier to do more tasks every day.

These are the 10 characteristics of productive people. Which one of these characteristics are you missing? Let me know as a comment.

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