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I don't trust myself, what should I do?

I don't trust myself, what should I do?

I don't trust myself! How many times have you heard people say that? Well, we can't stop them from saying it. We just need to know that lack of confidence and self-esteem is a problem that does have a solution. Self-confidence is essential to an individual's personal development and thus to evolve and grow serenely in one's life.

If you are one of those people who unfortunately have little confidence in yourself, I invite you to take a closer look at the subject. When you say "I don't have confidence in myself", you are already aware of your weakness. This is the first thing that will deliver you. Indeed, when you know what is wrong, you can take a step forward.

But to better know what is lack of self-confidence, and to be able to get out of it, I propose 3 exercises of self re-appropriation that you can apply in your daily life.

How do I know that I don't have self-confidence?

You feel the lack of self-confidence, but you can't always tell what it really is. So, to be clearer on the subject, lack of self-confidence is self-deprecation.

I don't have self-confidence when I can't move forward because of me. I lack self-confidence when I can't decide what is right or wrong for myself. My self-esteem is totally lacking when I don't even hesitate to put someone else ahead of myself when I am well qualified for the task at hand. I have no self-confidence when I can't believe in everything that is good and good about me.

Lack of self-confidence therefore translates as the act of underestimating oneself.

Why don't I have confidence in myself?

The causes of this condition can be quite numerous. They can come from a painful experience, from an education that went wrong or simply from a loss of orientation.

Let's take the example of a child who is never encouraged by his parents, a child who is only pointed out for mistakes. This child is always compared to other children in his school results (good or bad), he is devalued and underestimated because his parents expect too much from him. This child will grow up with the idea that he is never enough. As a result, he is at risk of becoming an insecure adult. He will always need the approval of a third party to move forward and if the approval is not favourable to him, he will find it normal. He will tend to hide for fear that his fictitious incompetence will be noticed. In short, he will doubt himself all his life and will not be able to conquer the place that is naturally his due.

Then, we lose our self-esteem because of our past experiences.

The negative effects of the absence of confidence and self-esteem

When you lack self-confidence, you literally miss out on your life. In any case, you are the primary driver of your life. You are the brain, arms and feet of your life. If you don't have enough confidence, you will get lost along the way or simply veer off course.

Here's how I would translate the negative effects of lack of self-confidence. If I don't have self-confidence, then :

  • Career opportunities are slipping away from me;
  • Real friends I don't have or I end up losing them;
  • I don't have a love life or I make it complicated;
  • I want to look like someone else because I don't accept myself;
  • I find it hard to believe in my qualities;
  • I easily accept my faults;
  • I don't defend myself, but it affects me;
  • My choices are never the best, I have to explain them every time;
  • I can never be complacent.

3 things to do to regain confidence and self-esteem

If I don't trust myself, then I need to find myself. A phrase I like to say is that lack of self-confidence is proportional to lack of power over oneself. This stage is very dangerous for yourself. If you don't have enough self-confidence, you risk falling adrift because you don't have power over yourself. So wake up and re-appropriate your life. Regain your self-confidence by following the advice below.

The lack of self-confidence is proportional to the lack of power over oneself.


1) I take care of my body

First, take care of your body because often the source of the phrase "I don't trust myself" is physical. To be able to enjoy life to the fullest and regain self-confidence, you need to be in good physical condition. You have to accept yourself and even more, love yourself. If I don't have self-confidence, is it because I don't like the image I give of myself? If so, this must be corrected.

I don't have self-confidence, so I do sports.

Exercise to improve your figure. It has been proven that people who have a fairly harmonious silhouette have more self-confidence. Sport has many benefits. Indeed, after a 30-minute minimum session in the gym, the body secretes endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline. These three hormones are very important for our well-being. When we feel good about ourselves, we easily regain our self-esteem. Finally, reaching sports goals will help you regain power over yourself, and thus regain self-confidence.

I don't have self-confidence, so I improve my diet.

People who lack self-confidence tend to let themselves go and eat poorly. Our diet can greatly affect our physical and mental state. When we relearn to eat, therefore, when we finally decide to eat healthy, we boost our immune system and our metabolism. As a result, we fill up on vitamins and minerals, we are healthier and feel better about ourselves so we can easily regain our self-confidence.

2) I take care of my mental state

If you're not feeling good in your head, you can't trust yourself. So, secondly, you have to take care of your mind.

I don't trust myself so take time for me.

Refocusing on oneself is very important when one wants to take care of one's mind. To do this, you need to take time to be alone. The best thing to do in these times of loneliness is meditation. To do this, breathe deeply using the strength of your abdomen, hold the breath for 3 seconds and release. Do this breathing exercise for 5 minutes to slow down your heartbeat. Once well rested, think only of positive things to recharge yourself.

I accept myself as I am

Everyday, be grateful for everything you are, for everything you have. Whether or not you are satisfied with yourself and all that you do and are; be grateful. Be grateful. This is the key even to self-acceptance. Accept yourself as you are, but most of all accept the fact that you are a good person. If you can't do that, just think of those times when you have been successful in your businesses, no matter how big or small the success, it is yours. As for that part of you that you find hard to appreciate, accept it anyway, because it is part of you. Moreover, we all have flaws and imperfections in us, what would the world be like if everyone was perfect? And then, what is being perfect?....

Show your gratitude. It is the key to self-acceptance.


I think positively

When you take care of your mind, you need to recharge with positive thoughts. To do this, as soon as you wake up, be happy to be alive. Tell yourself that the new day will bring you new good things. Also, several times a day, repeat positive quotes. You can read the article on positive thinking if you want to know more.

You are the person who has the most influence on yourself, don't forget that...

3) I am moving forward to regain confidence and self-esteem

Third, move forward. Now that you've been able to take care of your body and mind, all you have to do is move forward to confidence building.

I put on my self-esteem

Self-love, self-love! I invite you to love yourself before loving others. How can you gain self-esteem if you don't love yourself? Love the person you are for all that he or she is, for all that he or she does. You are the first person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, so give yourself love. Allow yourself the little joys of life. Think about your happiness and don't feel guilty if others don't like the way you love who you are. You will find books on this subject in the library, especially in the section on Self-confidence and Social Life.

I'm getting better at everything I do

Last thing, improve in everything you do. You have the body, you have the mind and you can move forward, so give the best of yourself in what you do. Give yourself a chance to be a better version of yourself to regain confidence. All you have to do is give yourself 100% in everything you have to do to get good results.


To conclude this beautiful lesson on regaining self-confidence I would say three things:

  • Your body is the envelope of your being; take care of it so that you can gain self-confidence;
  • Your mind is the motor that drives your being; take care of it so that it cannot be easily shaken and so that you can gain great self-esteem;
  • You are whole and brave, you can move forward in life and do better than you think; apply yourself and have confidence in yourself 😉
  • If you have any tips or tricks that have helped you gain confidence, feel free to share them in the comments to benefit others!

On the same subject, I recommend you this article which will give you other ways to gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

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