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Creating happiness through personal development

In a world where we are told everything and its opposite about happiness and fulfillment, and in which everyone has a grain of salt, let's take stock for a moment on the subject of happiness. In this article, you will discover an approach to happiness in which you are its creator. In fact, you will learn how to create your own happiness and how to achieve it. You will also discover a personal development tool specially designed and ideal to help you in your journey.

What is happiness?

If you search for the definition of happiness on Google, you will find various more or less literary definitions such as the one in the Larousse dictionary. Indeed, before creating your happiness, it is better to know what you are talking about.

Definition of happiness

Here are the definitions (source)

  • Good luck, favourable circumstances: We were lucky to arrive on time.
  • State of complete satisfaction: Nothing can disturb their happiness.
  • Joy, pleasure linked to a circumstance: What happiness to be here!
  • Great, but what to do with these definitions to create their happiness? Which one to choose?

On Wikipedia we find a whole page full of information mixing philosophy, literature, and politics, throughout history, from Greek civilization to the 21st century. To make it simple, we'll just make do with this excerpt first stated on the page (source).

Happiness is a state felt as pleasant, balanced and lasting by anyone who feels that he or she has reached the satisfaction of his or her aspirations and desires and then experiences a feeling of fullness and serenity.

Difference between pleasure and happiness

Then, the differences between pleasure (more punctual and superficial) and happiness (more lasting and deeper) are also evoked. Thus, happiness would then be a state of plenitude. On the contrary, pleasure is a satisfaction of a desire that excites and stimulates us. As far as we are concerned, we are going to focus more on happiness and see how to create it?

Indeed, pleasure is easily accessible, it is enough to respond to one's impulses (food, entertainment, consumption, sex... etc which are only punctual).

Why should we create our happiness?

Creating happiness appears to be a necessity for the following simple and good reason: No one is going to come and offer you your happiness on a silver platter one fine morning.

Indeed, it is important to understand that happiness is a personal initiative that one proposes to start during a journey. Everybody wants to be happy, the question is how to achieve this happiness?

Before we look at how we can create our happiness, let's see why it is important to take such a step.

We live in a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to each other. For example, social networks are an excellent arena for competition and comparison. It is very easy to fall into the trap of our society which is: eternal dissatisfaction. This is quite normal since the need is constantly created to keep the economy going (through consumption). This doesn't mean that we have to sulk our world, it wouldn't be productive. However, we must simply be aware of this and act by being awake to it and not as a slave to its impulses.

Creating your happiness is important for your self-esteem (we will discuss this point more precisely in the rest of this article).

Also, creating HIS happiness makes it possible to meet HIS aspirations according to HIS situation. This point is essential, because just as there are as many realities as there are individuals, there are many happinesses and many ways to achieve them. Therefore, the question is not to create happiness but to create one's happiness (one's own). You are therefore invited to create your own happiness, a happiness that corresponds to you.

Create your happiness and strengthen your self-esteem

How to create happiness?

To create your happiness, you must first define it and know what you want in life. Generally speaking, this is the underlying subject of personal development. Here are a few ideas to help you do this.

Personal development at the service of your life

Personal development is a process that one undertakes consciously and actively in order to develop one's full potential and create a life of one's own choosing. In personal development, we recognize that we are responsible for our own circumstances. In other words, we self-proclaim to be the (co)creators of our lives. Dev-Perso accompanies you precisely in your personal growth through inspiring and positive educational content.

Self-esteem and frustration

Happiness is directly correlated to self-esteem. Indeed, the self-esteem influences directly the relation which one has with oneself, and of this fact, with the world which surrounds us. This relation is built but can also be weakened. Indeed, one is happier with a good self-esteem, and one is more frustrated when one does not manage to be/do/have what one would like.

To be more precise, we all have aspirations that we wish to achieve. We want to be a better person, do better things, and have a better life. This is only possible through personal work. (This is the concept of BEING-DOING-DOING).

Let's get back to self-esteem and happiness. The gap between our current situation (current having) and our desired situation (desired having) is thus the expression of the gap between our current being and our desired being. The larger this gap is, the more we feel frustrated and the esteem that we have for ourselves decreases. On the other hand, the closer we get to what we want to be and what we want to achieve, the smaller the gap between our current situation and our desired situation. It is then that we reinforce the self-esteem and that we create our happiness by the reduction of this gap.

Start a personal work

In order to reduce this gap and create happiness, it is then necessary to start a personal work. The aim of this personal work is two main steps:

  • To work on oneself to accept and reduce one's frustration.
  • To work on oneself to progress and increase one's self-esteem.

The best is to consciously act on both components, and thus "walk with both legs". Creating happiness is therefore possible through personal work and a proactive approach.

The best investment in your life to create happiness

Thus, the best investment you can make is the one on yourself. This investment requires above all the following elements:

Will and motivation

Time to spend with you, in you, and for you

Energy and attention

Eventually, money if you wish to be accompanied (by a book, a training, a coach...etc)

Dev-Perso accompanies you and helps you to progress in your personal path. You will find in the store products to help you take your life in hand and become the actor of it.

The ideal tool to create your happiness

The Personal Development Workbook for Creating Happiness is a practical tool to start working on yourself and become responsible for your own development. This notebook is a practical book that is available on the store.

An elegant, action-oriented personal development workbook

It mixes theoretical concepts and practical exercises. Indeed, only action generates change and results. Thus, this personal development workbook will help you :

  • Take stock of your situation
  • Define your aspirations
  • Take control of your life by becoming a responsible person.
  • Create your happiness month after month through practical and guided exercises.
  • This notebook is the ideal tool to define and achieve what you want in your life.

The main reason you don't get what you want is that you haven't clearly defined what you want.

Print out and let the exercises in the workbook be your guide.

An accessible, simple and elegant tool in A4 format that you can then print to create your personal development notebook or binder and create your happiness.

12 months to transform your life

Creating happiness is a journey and is not done in a day. So, this notebook guides you over 12 months. In this workbook, you repeat month after month, practical exercises for personal development. This helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Benefits of the practical workbook to create happiness

Thanks to this personal development workbook and its practical exercises, you will be able to :

  • Develop self-esteem
  • Strengthen self-confidence
  • Define your core values
  • Establish your life goals
  • To progress and advance in the different areas of your life
  • Getting to know you better
  • Fulfil yourself and live happier
  • Realize your aspirations and make your projects a reality
  • Deepen your personal development path... and much more!

The time you give yourself is a gift you give yourself. Spending time with yourself, in yourself, and for yourself is the best thing you can do when you are looking for something better and want to take charge of your life. It is a real investment for your well-being and your future. Give yourself this gift by becoming who you really are and build your happiness.

Give yourself the personal development workbook to create your own happiness.

The Personal Development Workbook for Creating Happiness is available in two formats. You can choose the format that best suits you: Paperback or Digital (pdf).

In both cases, you have access to a document in A4 format so that you can work comfortably directly on the notebook or on the pages you have printed.

Create your happiness with the Paper Format (A4 notebook)

This personal development workbook, specially designed to help you create your happiness, is available in paper format. It is a real A4 notebook in which you can write directly and work on the direction you want to give to your life. The paper format is available on Amazon.

Create your happiness with the Digital Format (A4 printable)

In addition, the digital format is available on the Dev-Perso store. You can then print without limit the different pages and exercises of the notebook. Moreover, the price is slightly lower and you have the product instantly after your purchase.

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