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How to regain self-confidence

If there is something important in us, it is the trust, since we lose confidence in ourselves that we underestimate, we fall back and being in life we ​​will see private, blocked, and even in the face of things we could get or hang on to others we will not succeed and not because the thing in the face is complicated difficult or unattainable, but simply because even before trying, we forbid it to be right? Because we have destroyed in ourselves, or we have destroyed in us something that prevents us from believing in it.

So, in the end, the real problem is not to regain confidence, it is to do everything not to lose it. When you have lost, construction is perhaps more difficult. But it's never too late. Little by little each life experience, every little victory to the smallest details is a big win, but above all why do we lose confidence in ourselves?

Why now will we see a lot of depressed people?

Today we have to say things as they are with what we are shown on TV in movies regardless of the areas. so to try to be at the height of everything we are shown we will have to play a game that plays a role that may not be ours to esteem fashion or the fact that we feel better than others to have to shake everyone, belittle everyone with the only inner project that is ignored, even that of being above people, because it is the best way in people's eyes today to be better than others?

It's not about working on oneself and moving forward, it's complicated, it's not the best way for them, it's the best way for some.

It's just to knock people down and make people fall, you're not going to be bigger it's just that the people in front will look smaller and today we're in this job on the TV. we're going to see billionaires people who own things we do not have people who eat things we do not eat, who seem to be in a life above ours somewhere and is like that we assimilate what we see as normal, and the goal of everyone is to be "normal" rich, ultra-rich live in palaces with pools, and as soon as we have more this vision for many people and well we are seen as below.

The problem when we see below is that we even sometimes see below, I spoke of a small detail that can affect a lot in a couple a person who tells you that you are good for nothing all the days, will make you believe if you do not have enough mental that you are good for nothing, and it is human by dint of repeating us something, we believe it but it is necessary to remember that by force to repeat a wrong thing it does not become the truth, be it morning noon or evening, the work towards ourselves must be done this reminder must be done one is aware of being human to be weak one can fall, It must be remembered, but we are not at all that nothing can be done towards goals, but even if people do not believe it, it is still achievable.

The person you want to be is yours to build it and it's not for others to come and tell you that you will be able or not, because all the big projects that have succeeded today have been the project of those who have seen each other can be debased from the beginning this is just a project and there are plenty of people around you who do not believe it to be a human or professional project no matter what it depends on of you.

Now when a thing is destroyed in you can not look to the right to the left that all the doors look closed that really of this sadness of this lack of confidence even that it becomes limited to a small depression, solitude.

At the moment we will have to force a minimum to open the smaller doors that are facing us we do not ask to be overnight someone who takes full confidence in him but someone who happens to see how to live a little better.

If someone succeeds another can succeed but each of his own domain does not give up keep hope in you and do not forget that no matter the number of people who seek to belittle you, to insult you, making sure that you will not grow inside you know that what they say is wrong and 1000 people who tell a lie, will never be worth a person who tells the truth Take care of yourself

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