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5 Legit Ways to Make Money and Passive Income Online - How To Make Money Online

You know it's possible to make money online as a side hustle without leaving your job right away. The best part about this is you can do this with nothing, all you need is a phone, and a laptop with an internet connection and you can start making money from anywhere in the world.

So in this article we are going to be counting down the five best ways to start earning money as a side hustle without leaving your job right away, and I promise you have never seen some of these.

1- Rover

Taking care of cats and dogs and getting paid to do it. So you have to ask yourself, do you like dogs and do you like cats? Because if the answer is yes then Rover might be a perfect option for, you now have something to keep in mind is that Rover is only available in the United States and Canada for now, but I'm sure it will start to expand all around the world. So people need to have somebody to take care of their pets instead of sending their pets to an expensive kennel. What they'll do is let people in the Rover take care of their dogs and cats, and oftentimes their dogs and cats are taken care of better than a kennel would.

Actually take care of them for a fraction of the cost and one of the best parts about Rover is you can do it wherever you live, and you get paid anywhere from 80 to a hundred dollars a night just to take care of a cute little puppy Rover. is one of the best and most fun ways to actually start earning a little passive income on the side because with the right dog sometimes, I would literally take care of them for free, but there was an added bonus that I was making 80 to 100 dollars profit every single night just to take care of a cute puppy.

2- Take lessons

What take lessons is that you literally can teach anyone anywhere something that you are good at. take lessons you can teach people how to do algebra right, how to do math, you can keep people doing anything that you personally are good at, and often times you can get paid very profitably to do so all you have to do to start making money on take lessons.com is you just look and see what people are selling.

You can browse by popular lessons, and then you can teach people how to do things that you're good at right and it's not just math it's not just science it's not just school stuff, you can literally teach people how to cook things that you actually might enjoy right, you might meet some fun people along the way doing it but the best part of course is you can start earning some income teaching people things that you are already good at

3- Fiver

What fiver.com is? is basically a website where you can pay people five dollars to do basically anything that you want them to do.one of the things that I use fiber for personally is photo editing, you can literally send you know hundreds of photos to these people on Fiverr, and they'll make basic retouches they'll make basic edits village lighting, and they'll send them all back to you fiber also is amazing, for graphic artists for getting videos edited ,for basically any type of online tasks that you might need done I've actually hired some people from Fiverr that I originally hired for a five dollar gig, I've hired some people full-time I've taken them away from Fiverr because they did such a fantastic job for only $5, I said you have to come work for me full-time and many of my full-time employees now actually found from fiver .

You have to think to yourself what you could be good at, or what you could learn to do one of the things that I've seen people be very successful with on Fiverr, is actually taking product photographs and videos for sellers on Shopify for sellers on Amazon, for sellers on e-commerce, and they literally can charge you know anywhere from 100 to 500 or even more a thousand dollars to do that depending on the complexity ,but all you need to take a very good product photo is a basic camera ,and a table or something white or green that you can actually remove the background from, and what some of my most successful students have done actually to become successful on Fiverr, and they'll literally take the photos of the products that people will send to them, after they start to create gigs on Fiverr offering product photography and product videos for e-commerce sellers, is they'll take the photos and then they'll literally send them to someone else on Fiverr, to have the backgrounds removed and to have the photos retouched so that they look epic and amazing

 4- TaskRabbit

Now TaskRabbit is a company owned by IKEA, and what TaskRabbit is?

is it allows you to actually hire people to come help you with any type of daily tasks or chore, so let's say that you're trying to move but all of a sudden all of your friends and family are quote-unquote sick what you could do is hire somebody off taps rabbit to come over to your house and help you move all of your furniture into storage or help you move or help you do basically any task you could have somebody come and fix your garbage disposal, or help you mount a TV on the wall literally anything that you can think of that you need somebody for right a handyman, TaskRabbit is perfect for doing just that and the best thing about TaskRabbit, is that you can actually make money with basically and no skills of any kind, things that you can literally learn on YouTube and it takes zero money to get started.

All you have to do is actually go to their website and sign up to become what's called a Tasker, and what a Tasker is it allows you to literally be hired by anyone anywhere to come and help them move ,or to come and help them do anything that they'd hire you to do, and you can make twenty to fifty dollars one of my friends very recently she had to move and nobody was
around to help her move, and so what she did was hire somebody on TaskRabbit to come and help her move all of her beds and furniture and things
into storage.

but the best part is she paid him forty five dollars an hour to come help her move for two hours so she paid him 90 dollars he probably kept like $75 after paying TaskRabbit fees and $75 for two hours with a literally zero money to get started and no skills is pretty darn good.

5- YouTube

The number one strategy to make money online with literally a zero morning to get started is YouTube

A lot of people don't know that you can get paid just to make videos on YouTube and if you're thinking about yourself well I don't know what to make videos. about literally you can watch YouTube videos about what to make YouTube videos about when people first get started they can make videos about anything, you can make top ten videos about the best things to do in San Diego, you can make top five videos comparing the best different drones, you can make top three videos talking about the best restaurants in Los Angeles, you can literally make videos about anything, and this thing about YouTube is there's so many millions and billions of people around the world searching on YouTube every single day that if you are making quality consistent content you can make.

so much money and the best part is you can make money from YouTube but making money from YouTube directly in the form of ad revenue just for getting views on your videos, is a very small amount of money compared to what you can do with YouTube if you have a following let's say that you wanted to advertise some new software.

if you had a following and if you had people who were interested in what you had to say about your specific niche that you're making videos, on in the world becomes your oyster , everyone starts to reach out to you when you have a following everyone wants you to promote their new software or their new service or their new product ,and when you have the following you control the attention and when you control the attention you get paid way more than you could have ever imagined .

So YouTube is by far the number one way to make money and you might not make money overnight, but YouTube is the 1% of us out there who are thinking long term.

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