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How to be happy? Truth about Happiness

Jim Carrey said : One day I would like everyone to be rich and famous and realize that this is not the answer. We will see together reasons that prevent us from being happy and how to solve them to achieve happiness.

The greatest of enemies is often yourself, do you know that little voice in your head that is constantly rehashing the events of the past, or who is worried about what can happen worse in the future? It is what we call ruminations, it also happens that the little voice devalues ​​you, telling you will never do that or you are not physically fit enough, the best way to control this little voice, it's meditation. I'm sure some of you are saying I've already heard about meditation there's no way I'll sit down for 10 minutes and I'm not doing anything, but I will explain why meditation here is important.

The purpose of this practice is not necessarily to relax, it is only a side effect, in fact, sitting down and seeing where you think takes you, allowing you to better react to your emotions and to share things.

Meditation is the key

When you meditate you come back to the five senses as soon as you are connected to it if you are at the moment with mindfulness if you connect to what you hear from what you see how you feel is what you touch or what you taste, you are right there at the moment, you feel good because you do not think of the past or the future you are thinking of the present just to you At this moment. So, of course, meditation is a kind of torture for minds that think constantly.

But after a few weeks of meditation you will react better to emotions like anger, jealousy or fear because you will train your mind to recognize its emotions and control them.

The company is responsible for us to know what we want, the marketing and advertising we create imposes our needs, we are all conditioned and it is normal, because there is advertising everywhere in the movies and in the clips on sees products appear. , so we buy to fill a void in us, but no matter what we buy, we do not become more complete, and we are still looking for what will make us happier - it's a kind of insatiable hunger, the pleasure is not something constant when you buy a new phone, we are happy on the spot but our level of happiness skyrockets after dock days. then we see an advertisement for the new iPhone, and our current phone becomes a source of dissatisfaction, and it is the same for all our possessions what we buy becomes a dissatisfaction after giving a short moment of pleasure.

For the fashion forward there were only two seasons of clothes for when it was hot and others for when it was cold, now there are at 50 seasons a collection a week of the year, they want us to Feel old-fashioned have a week to redeem the week after, it's fashion fast fashion and when you think about it that is a fashion victim is only a victim of this system.

I think we just can never be enough, never be completely satisfied with what we do not really want. We venerate personal gratification and mass consumption, bring it more defined by what it does, but because it possesses there is a community that wishes to no longer be taxed for what they really want, we call minimalists.

Studies have shown that consuming and owning things does not satisfy our need to make sense of our lives, so it's important to find a passion and purpose in your life.

90% of people do not like their work, and need to free themselves by getting more good to say that their work makes them happy. I think life offers more than just bills, money and work. You have to do what you love every day, and contribute to making others' lives better by bringing value is one of the most beautiful things.

Jacklin Way, the founder of the 365 give association, explains that we have a lot more pleasure when we offer a gift than when we receive one, in fact when we give to others it acts on the stress hormone and therefore reduces our anxiety and makes us happier.

So find the meaning of your life because it's really what will make you happy everyday. I would like to finish on this sentence; you have to love people using things because the opposite never works.

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