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What are the benefits of self confidence in sport?


Self-confidence and sport, the virtuous circle!

Lack of self-confidence is a hindrance to personal, professional, and family development. All areas are impacted and the individual who is a victim sometimes suffers from powerlessness in the face of his situation. Fortunately, there are solutions to remedy it! Self-confidence and sport complement each other perfectly and form a virtuous circle. Let's take a closer look.

What is self-confidence?

First of all, let's define self-confidence together. It corresponds to the critical representation that the individual has of himself. It is a concept closely related to the self-esteem.

The lack of self-confidence

Where does this lack of self-confidence come from? That's a good question. It surely comes from childhood, your encounters, your experiences and the education you have been given. It includes fear of judgment, feelings of inferiority, inability to assert oneself, perfectionism, feeling unloved... In short, a whole bunch of things that are not really pleasant.

Unfortunately, if some people are overflowing with self-confidence, the truth is that they do not represent the majority. Self-confidence is not an innate quality, and in this age of social networks, fashion and appearance in general, many people are sorely lacking in it. Self-doubt and self-deprecation are deeply rooted habits in the daily lives of many people. Some people are better at hiding it than others and may appear serene when they are actually scared to death. The latter, despite appearances, also suffer from this situation. Self-confidence and sport feed off each other and it is not surprising to see more confident and serene sportspeople on a daily basis.

Why seek to be more confident?

Simply to live more serenely. Indeed, self-confidence is very important in today's society. The judgment of the other is everywhere and a lack of self-confidence can literally ruin your life. Whether it is to find a job, to exist within a group, to be respected in the street or to assert yourself in general, you must have a minimum of self-confidence.

We too often underestimate psychological suffering. However, its invisibility does not take away from its power. What if you finally found a way to boost your self-confidence? Being a sportsman myself, I can tell you that self-confidence and sport can be part of everyone's daily life. Believe me, it could literally change your life and you won't regret it.

Physical and mental health

So, if there is one thing that all living beings have in common, it is this desire to be in good health. No matter how we live, no matter how we function, we don't want to spend our days in the hospital, we don't want to run out of energy or feel pain. Our physical health is one of the most precious things we have. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that it is closely linked to our psychological health. Self-confidence, by being one of the main factors of psychological well-being, will indirectly act on physical health. Seeking to shine with health while having self-confidence at the level of the daisies makes absolutely no sense.

You will have understood it: the lack of self-confidence is a real problem not to be taken lightly.

What are the solutions to strengthen self-confidence?

There are several.

You can of course call upon a therapist or a coach to help you. But you can also, above all, understand that you are the main actor in your life and that certain progress cannot be made by anyone else but yourself. Physical activity is an excellent tool at your disposal to start taking action. I would even say that sport is a formidable weapon for building self-confidence.

Self-confidence and sport, 6 benefits

Self-confidence and sport should be an integral part of everyone's life. The two go hand in hand and have nothing but benefits for you.

1) Physical activity improves your physical appearance

The other person's judgment is initially based on physical appearance. Indeed, we observe the way people are dressed, the way they stand, their forms, etc.. Obviously, the more you feel good about yourself, the more you will inspire confidence. For that, it is not necessary to be perfect, only to be in agreement with yourself. Often, this harmony is achieved through sport. Indeed, by changing your body, sport improves your physical appearance. You find yourself more beautiful, more attractive, and therefore necessarily more confident.

2) Sport improves your posture

Lack of self-confidence is expressed by the body, not just by your gestures. Your posture is the first expression of this lack of self-confidence that you try to hide. Your shoulders are tucked in, your trapezoids are too contracted, your head is slightly forward, your arms and legs are crossed. Thus, your body seems to want to erase itself, to make itself very small and to protect itself from the rest of the world. This attitude of self-protection is characteristic of a lack of self-confidence.

Physical activity will allow you on the one hand to strengthen your muscles in general and therefore act on your postural imbalances so that you regain a stature that shows your true worth. Self-confidence and sport both maintain a dignified and inspiring posture.

On the other hand, practicing sports, by improving your self-confidence, will allow you to automatically adopt a much more confident posture. This is the principle of the virtuous circle: the more confident you are in your posture, the more confident you will be and the more assured your posture will be. Are you following me?

3) Physical activity enables you to defend yourself.

Feeling weak and vulnerable destroys self-confidence. You feel like disappearing, running away. Fear is a human feeling. However, you are able to push your fear threshold by becoming stronger. How can you do this? Through sport. This way, you will no longer be afraid of being attacked because you will know that you will be able to fight back. Combat sports even allow you to learn how to defend yourself in a specific way. This way, you no longer position yourself as a victim and you improve your self-confidence considerably. Self-confidence and sport are cultivated and allow you to progress on yourself.

4) Sport improves self-knowledge and self-awareness

So what's the big deal? What's the connection? Lack of self-confidence also means not knowing oneself, fearing one's own reactions and having a bad self-image. Physical activity allows you to remedy this: you discover your limits, you become aware of your capacities, you learn to listen to your body... In short, thanks to sport you discover yourself. In short, thanks to the sport you discover yourself. All this finally allows you to improve your self-confidence.

5) Physical activity allows you to build social bonds.

Contrary to appearances, many people are very lonely on a daily basis. This loneliness gradually erodes their self-confidence. Whether it is when you go sweating in the gym or when you train with your basketball team, you find yourself among athletes. This allows you to socialize and reminds you how much you are appreciated by others and therefore that your value is real. In this way, you increase your self-confidence with sport.

6) Physical activity improves your mind

When you play sports, you set goals and fight to achieve them. At each session, you try to meet the challenges you have set for yourself. Every day you become better than the day before by working your mind and improving your abilities. When you become aware that you are becoming better, you necessarily improve your self-confidence. Self-confidence and sport thus allow you to develop and maintain mental strength.

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What type of sport should you choose to improve your self-confidence?

First of all, choose a sport you like. Any sport will help you achieve this goal. On the other hand, certain physical activities will help you more specifically to improve your self-confidence.

Self-confidence and sport: 5 activities to discover

Depending on your personality and your means, some activities will attract you more than others. Here are some physical activities that I suggest you discover to strengthen your self-esteem.

1) Combat sports

They will allow you to learn how to defend yourself in a specific way. You will feel more confident.

2) Weight training

Weight training will allow you to improve your physical appearance and your strength, while proving to you that you are capable of surpassing your limits and improving yourself.

3) Team sports

If you're shy and want to improve your self-confidence, get out of your comfort zone by turning to team sports to build social bonds.

4) Dance

Dancing on a regular basis will allow you to improve your charisma, and therefore your self-confidence.

5) Yoga

Yoga is an excellent discipline to improve your self-confidence. It teaches you to control yourself internally and to rebalance your mind in order to get rid of negative thoughts and make room for inner peace. Once you have found a real form of serenity, you will feel it on the outside. You will have much more confidence in yourself.

Choose the sport you wish to practice according to your tastes, your personality and the way you want to evolve.


Anyway, no matter what your level, your strengths and your difficulties, you can do sports. It's not always easy to arrive in a gym in the middle of all those bodybuilt people and strange machines. Likewise, it's not easy to sign up for a dance class when you have absolutely no rhythm in your skin. What you have to keep in mind is that no one is born good. You become good with training and perseverance. At the beginning, you're bound to make a few beginner's mistakes, but with experience, you'll learn to take full advantage and, who knows, maybe become an expert in your field.

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