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9 benefits of reading for your personal development

Reading has many advantages and benefits. Reading allows you to learn new things and to develop your vocabulary and oral expression. Reading can greatly contribute to personal development, in the sense that your reading will have an impact on your mind. It is also one of the best investments you can make, regardless of your age. A book costs little, but the lessons you can learn from it can be worth a lot. So if you're new to reading, here's some insight into the benefits of reading.

 What are the benefits of reading?

With the various reading materials available to us today, reading habits have changed greatly. Nevertheless, you should know that for your personal development, reading is more than beneficial. Here is a list of the 10 benefits of reading.

The benefits of reading for one's mind and personal development

1) Reading is fun and entertaining

Just like sports for example, reading brings pleasure, helps us forget everyday problems and keeps us away from stress.

2) Reading helps develop memory and cognitive abilities.

Understanding a book requires retaining a large amount of information. Thus, each time you read, you create new synapses (links between neurons). This increases your ability to retain information.

Moreover, depending on the type of book you are reading, you may have to decide on faces, places, and the arrangement of elements. This way, you can imagine the elements of the book and stimulate your mind and imagination. Your brain is stimulated and this prevents it from losing its abilities. The brain is a muscle that needs training to function optimally. We understand better why reading can help fight certain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Developing memory and cognitive skills is one of the benefits of reading that is very much appreciated.

3) Reading improves concentration and attention.

Instead of focusing your attention on a whole bunch of things at once (social networks, text messages, conversations with colleagues, sending different emails...), reading forces you to focus only on the content you are reading. The world around you disappears and you are immersed in your reading. On a daily basis, this helps you to focus on one task at a time, it increases your productivity.

4) Reading improves your oral and written expression.

Reading is the best way to obtain a large vocabulary that you can use in your daily life. This has an undeniable advantage in your professional and personal relationships. You gain self-confidence and it allows you to assert yourself in your everyday life. Among the benefits of reading, many will impact your personal interior. Ease of expression takes shape inside and is felt outside. You will be more convincing and charismatic with an easy expression.

5) Reading increases your knowledge

As you read, you store new information. And the more you develop your vocabulary on different topics, the more likely you are to see new doors open. Your knowledge is an unquantifiable force. No matter what happens to you, with your knowledge you will be able to face challenges.

Knowledge is a weapon.

6) Reading develops analytical and critical thinking skills.

As you read, you analyze the information you receive and understand different types of speeches and arguments. Reading challenges your critical and analytical mind. Each page turned reinforces the fabric of knowledge in your mind and ultimately helps you to better understand the world around you... It helps you in your everyday life to have more self-confidence and to express yourself clearly on your opinion and to apprehend more serenely the problems you encounter.

7) Reading reduces stress and anxiety

When you read, you no longer think about your daily problems, you are transported elsewhere, which reduces your anxiety. Your mind is more at peace. Moreover, if you choose books related to personal development or spiritual books, you will find answers to questions or problems as well as methods to apply. You put things into perspective and have a constructive approach to take charge of yourself and move forward serenely. Accumulated tensions disappear and you are in a better mood.

8) Reading improves the quality of sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, reading can help. Reading before you sleep soothes your mind and makes it easier to fall asleep. The paper support is advised in this case, or a digital reader whose brightness is not aggressive for the eye. Indeed, screens are bad for sleep and excite more than they soothe.

9) Reading accompanies you in your personal development.

In the journey of personal development, reading is one of the best ways to store knowledge and motivate yourself. Reading will bring you a lot of theory, which is excellent for broadening your mind and considering new opportunities and experiences. But if reading accompanies you, it's up to you to take action. You need to put into practice what the books you read teach you. A book is a great investment considering what it costs you and what it brings you!

Reading is to the mind, what sport is to the body! 

How can you start reading when you don't like to read?

To benefit from the benefits of reading, you must first read. But not everyone reads. If you have trouble with reading but want to get started, don't panic! Reading can be learned and there are techniques for getting started. I put off reading for a long time because I couldn't concentrate enough and give interest to what I was reading. I picked up information from left and right, but it was inconceivable to me to read a book. Today I enjoy reading and I go through the books at my own pace.

Find a subject you are passionate about

For me, I like to read a book if it helps me grow and teaches me new things. I appreciate that the book trains me on themes that will help me achieve my goals. Thus, I choose books that are in line with my goals. Personal development books are very good for this in the sense that they motivate you and show you the path to take. Whether it's about financial independence, self-confidence, or spirituality, books can change your life!

Set aside a moment

Don't wait until you have nothing else better to do. Dedicate a moment of your day to reading. For example, in the evening before going to bed to help you fall asleep, or in the morning when you're on the road to optimize travel time. You can also read during your lunch break, which will rest your eyes if you spend your days in front of a screen and relax. Give yourself time to read and be regular. Reading a book is a business, and as with any business, regularity pays off. 

Choose an appropriate place

It is important to create an environment that is conducive to reading. So remember to stay away from things that might interfere with your reading, such as the TV, and to be in a quiet place. Choose a quiet, pleasant place where you can concentrate.

Adopt a good posture

If you choose a bed or an armchair, it promotes falling asleep, as opposed to a sitting position. It all depends on the time of day. Be comfortably seated so as not to disturb your reading and enjoy your book.

Reconciling reading a book with achieving a goal

If you choose a book on personal development, it is because you want to acquire knowledge, inform yourself and put into practice the right actions to improve your life. So if you have a goal, it will be easier to stick to it if a book accompanies you and motivates you to reach the goal you have set for yourself. The benefits of reading will help you achieve your goals. If you read a book related to your goals, it is as if you have a guide that helps you and shows you the way. You will be stronger from page to page!

Go at your own pace

Remember that reading is a form of learning. So you can go back or look up words you don't understand. You can move forward a lot on some days and a little on others. As long as you are regular and move forward in your book, you will keep your motivation and willingness to read. It is recommended that beginners start with books that are easy to read. By this I mean books that are not 500 pages long and are written in lower case with sentences that you can sleep outside... Start with an accessible book on a theme that appeals to you and is in line with your goals and everything should go well! 😉

Getting away from the screens at times doesn't hurt!

+ Little tip: Reading on screen should be a complement. Your eyes don't do the same work on screen as they do on paper. On screen, they get tired faster and you take less pleasure than if you had a real book in your hands. It has been found that even a reading light or a tablet is not as beneficial as a paper book. You'll be more focused and won't read diagonally. If you are reading on a screen, be sure to lower the brightness so that your eyes don't get too tired.

Conclusion of the benefits of reading: Reading books delivers!

Keeping time to take care of yourself is important. If it is important to take care of your body through sports and food for example, it is the same with your mind and reading. No matter what kind of literature you choose, you can always find a book that will captivate you. So now that you know the benefits of reading, there are no more excuses, it's time to turn off your computer and phone and settle down comfortably to devote yourself to reading and building your mind! 

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