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Easy Ways To A Better Life

It's not easy to radically change your life for the better. However, there are many simple steps in this process. Why not start with it?

Do you want a better life? Big changes are difficult and time-consuming, but there are many simple steps you can currently do. Take many steps, even the smallest, and you will soon achieve something.

How do I live a better life Easy Tips?

It's easy to see, isn't it? Start looking for certain ways to improve and improve your life. Even if you do nothing immediately, prepare yourself. Thinking about change gets your mind and motivation moving.

You're not looking for an excuse to avoid difficult tasks, but don't expect to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking caffeine, and complaining right now, are you? Just do it better today, humble. When you see the results, motivate yourself for the most difficult steps. Consider some of the simple actions below.

1. Write some things you want to change. It makes the possibility more real and makes your mind work. Finally, you can turn this "wish list" into real goals with a specific plan.

2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose every time you feel stressed. Stress is one of the biggest obstacles to a better life. Simple stress management techniques like this can be very useful when it becomes a habit.

3. Make a list of the good things you have. It may sound trivial, but a good mood improves life. Have you ever bought a van and seen trucks everywhere? The same thing happens when you buy an idea. Imagine how this affects your mental state when you see good things everywhere.

I could go on, but I don't know what your goals and needs are. This is about making you think and then taking all possible measures. If you've thought about the whole process, you may never build a house, but it's easy to nail the board in place, right? (And then another and another...)

How do you make yourself better or improve yourself?

At first glance, it seems strange that you can really be something other than what you really are. But from the moment we can speak, we are programmed to "integrate". We are happy to please the people we love and who love us.

But sometimes it means that you have to eliminate what you know the real person is in.

And yet your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will have. Without a healthy relationship with yourself, it is practically impossible to have a healthy relationship with another person.

When you're ready to meet someone you haven't seen in a long time, start with these 5 ideas to rediscover your true self.

Calm the noise in your head.

You know these voices well, which constantly bother you when you use dry cleaning, speak to the school teacher, juggle bills, plan the veterinarian and keep the boss happy. With all the noise, you won't be able to hear anything about the noise. This MUST be the first step. How do you do that? Simplify by setting up systems and creating enough extras in your life so that you can act out of a position of plenty and not for want.

Exercise to think healthy about yourself.

To do this, you must first believe that you are precious and that your true self has something to offer the world. Since you talk to each other more than everyone else in your life, there is a lot to tell! - It is up to YOU ​​to establish healthy communication in your thinking. Listen carefully as you speak to yourself. write down the unhealthy things you say; challenge them, and replace them with facts. Soliloquy: "You never do anything right." Challenge: "Sure, I'm doing it well. I'm right (example). I'm right (example). This time I made a mistake. I'll learn from it and be more successful next time."

listen to your heart

It seems pretty easy, but when we grew up, most of us stopped listening to our hearts and just go with our heads. The two have to reconnect to find themselves. It's easy to get used to thinking about your feelings rather than really feeling them. Instead of asking yourself what you think about something, ask why it matters.

Be careful not to stick to a specific goal.

What you're really looking for is a feeling - respect, love, appreciation - unlike the company car or an amazing boy/girl. Be open to feelings and adjust the methods you use to achieve them. Not only determine your goals but also how you satisfy who you really are. The mask is removed and your true self is shown.

A person you can meet and love: you! - He is waiting for you to take the time to listen, understand and accept. When you accept your true self again, you make smarter decisions, and those decisions persist because they really correspond to you. That's what you're really looking for, isn't it?

The Secret of Happiness

What makes a person happy?

How to have a better life

How can you be happy?

What is happiness for you? There is a lot of research going on these days about the elusive feeling of being "happy": where to find it, how to believe it, even what it really is.

But I want to share a little secret with you: Happiness is not just for the lucky few who were born with it.

You see, happiness is not something you can reach and touch or put in the fridge and take a sip when you need it. Happiness is not found on a beach in Hawaii (really!) Or in a perfect body. Even in this perfect relationship, Tom Cruise doesn't try to sell us in the cinema.

However, from the images that bomb him every day, it's easy to make the mistake that happiness will come to your door when you have the last car, the best clothes, a luxury home, right? ? It's easy to get involved in the idea of when you find the right person with a luck box on their hips. But all of this only convinces you that happiness is outside of you.

And here you get off track. Because the secret is that happiness is simply a by-product of the creation and life of a functioning life, a life that you love, whatever it is. Happiness comes from what you do, where you want to do it, who you want to do it with.

And yes, I can hear them all: "But I can't get the job I want because I have to go to school for 8 years and I have to live here because I can't afford to move.", and what do you mean by "who do I want to do this with" because I want to spend time with Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey or Bill and Hillary Clinton.

And I thank you all for leaving my point of view with me.

You see, happiness begins with the belief that you control your life, and grows through decisions that give you a feeling of well-being and satisfaction. Happiness arises from the decision that * you * go to school for 8 years when necessary. That you * organize * your life until you can afford to move. And that you decide who you kiss, how much you smile, what music you listen to and who you hang out with, even if it's not Bill and Hillary.

Happiness is making the best possible decisions with the people you spend time with, how you make a living, how much you learn, what you put into your body. Because when you feel comfortable in the room you are in, when you are with people who admire and respect you and who admire and respect you, when you are working on a project that makes sense to you - happiness will shine everywhere.

And it's not a secret.

Decide today that you are no longer after happiness and choose three things that you enjoy so that they contribute to your well-being and satisfaction. Plan a time for them every day if possible, at least every week. It doesn't have to be long, just 10 minutes a day will help you create the happiness you are looking for. Guaranteed

And it's not a secret either.

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