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Why is gratitude so powerful?

Are you a grateful person?

There are moments in life where we feel we are missing something, we look around, and we see people who seem to have a better life than ours, We say: "They are more beautiful, richer, smarter, luckier, happier. They have fewer problems than me, their life seems easier, and «Me ... I do not have the job, not the woman or the husband I xxawant, I do not have money, not recognition, not health. My parents did not support me, I guess it's happened to you too, sometimes you suffer from it.

You suffer from what you do not have, from what you have lost, separations, failures, regrets. If you suffer to believe that you need more, you think your life would be better if it were different. These days, we focus on what bothers us, we believe that life is hard, but when we do that, we forget everything we have, the body we have, the people we love, the luck we have. So yes, we could certainly have more! Yes! There are some who have what we want! But let's open our eyes!

At the time, the kings would have paid fortunes to have access to what seems banal today! Just to have the chance to access the internet, for example, so look! Let's look around us! Be it the splendor of nature, the beauty of a look, the masterpieces created by man. My point is not to tell you that you must be happy. I just wish we could remember what we already have
in the moments when we forget it.

Did you know that when astronauts go into space, are not the other stars watching? But our planet! They turn back to the earth, tears run down their faces, they see humanity as forming only ONE, no barriers, no borders. If I speak to you about this, it is because nearly 50 very serious studies have come to the conclusion that the practice of gratitude is one of the most effective means for our well-being.

How does gratitude affect your attitude?

You've probably already noticed how we realize the value of things once we no longer, So that's the solution? Must we lose what we have to appreciate? Imagine that, suddenly, you lose your sight, you do not hear anymore... or you lose what you love the most How would you feel? And imagine that a year later, we announce that you will find them. Sincerely, it would not be the best day of your life?
I have good news: what you would have thought you lost, you have it today! So stop all those lies that we dare to believe Stop regrets that make me think it was better before. Stop the comparison, which makes me think it would be better otherwise. Stop impatience, which makes me think it will be better later.

And let's open our eyes and enjoy the magic of life! I suggest you breathe with me and your loved ones. Take a look at their face, their own expression, their look, the sound of their voice, you can find them where you look at the love they carry you a look, a gesture, attention, words, You can see yourself or feel those moments in your life where you are the heart is filled with love at the sight of a person, a landscape, ... Find how it feels good for you to feel the love that already exists in you You can open your eyes and know, that you deserve to love you as you are, and whether you understand it or not, you are loved too ... And, realize what we have:

- It is to honor those who have been present to us, it is to honor the people who inspired us, the artists, the teachers, the architects, the writers.

- It is to honor all these workers, engineers, entrepreneurs, employees, all those who have put their talents at the service of humanity. 

- It is to honor our moments of joy, our laughs, our moments of connection, our victories, our successes, our achievements. 

So shit to all the stories that can be told that we have no luck! Yes! We're lucky!! Gratitude to my parents for giving me life To my family, my friends for their presence Thank you to the magic of life for the perfection of my body, In My eyes, to allow me to see so much splendor, To my ears to have the pleasure of hearing, to My hands to touch life, to feel the skin of the person I love At My feet, my legs that support me from the beginning and allow me to walk, run, Maybe you did not have everything I mentioned but you have at least one.
And just this one, how much is it worth?

Gratitude affects your Attitude

There are also all these things that may seem trivial and yet are so precious Gratitude to have running water, electricity, a roof, clothes, Gratitude to the directors for their films that touch us and make us vibrate To these athletes who inspire us and make us want to go beyond. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the talents of so many people. Thank you to all these strangers who contribute by their mere presence, their simple work to make our life easier, Today I decide to say THANK YOU!!

- I decided to open my eyes to the chance to have the life I have!

- I decided to honor everything life has given me since birth!

- I decided to live as if every day I had just recovered what is the most expensive for me!

And you? If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do? People often say they would realize how lucky they are and tell their loved ones how much they love them. Why wait for the last day of our life? So decide to enjoy our life now, open our hearts and say thank you.

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