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How to Believe in Yourself & Change Your Life

It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible

Throughout your life, you will have different desires, Desires that will manifest in you.

And if you do not believe in your potential, they will never come to fruition. For some, you have no desire, no dream to realize. But I am convinced that we are all born with a goal to accomplish in our life. Have you ever taken the time to think just five minutes of what you might like? To what could make you happy.
We do not all have the same definition of happiness, but no matter what you are, you deserve to have it. You are certain to complain that you do not have what you want.

That you have tried several times to achieve something but it has not worked.
That life did not bring it to you. But have you ever been grateful for what you already have? How do you want life to bring you or help you achieve your dreams if you are not even grateful for what you have already managed to have? Take time to be grateful for all that you have in your life right now.

For example to have great parents, to be in good health. For all the things you have already accomplished, to have people who love you.
Even if you have very few things you can be proud of, be it, it starts from there.
It's very important to have gratitude for all these things, even the simplest ones.
Whatever your goal, become a lawyer, a business leader, a teacher... It does not matter what it is. But you must have the firm intention that you will do your best to go all the way. It will not be easy. Do not give up on the first difficulty.
Do not find excuses because it's too hard. As Michael Jordan said,

"If you give up once, it can become a habit, so never give up."

Sometimes later becomes never. Do it now

It's not because it's hard and you have trouble that it means you will not be able to do it. It has nothing to do. If you have to study more, DO IT. If you have to go out with your friends to succeed, DO it. As I said before, fulfilling your dreams will be sacrificed.

We have nothing without nothing. While others are having fun, you work to succeed.

A moment of sacrifice and pain is a success for the rest of your life, it's up to you to decide. Dare to be different! Do not force yourself to be someone you are not to please others. It is the society that makes you look so-and-so to be a good person or that you must behave in this way to please others, and especially not to be yourself to not disturb As soon as someone wants to be different, this person wants to stand out, we point the finger and we must tell him or show him that it's not good but what's good to look like in the world?

Dream bigger, Do bigger

Never think that you are worthless, you have everything you need, you are perfect as you are. Always choose a life that will suit you, not a life that will match others. To succeed it is important to visualize what you want to accomplish. It will work your brain and your subconscious. It will psychologically prepare for this goal and look for solutions to achieve it!
Your actions and thoughts are closely linked Write your goals on a sheet they will become more concrete.

Every morning get up with this vision and read what you have written, these are important steps to do You think to create the future, keep the vision of your dream every day, even if life continues to bring you hard events, stay positive! You will have to learn to go against the grain. But dare to create Dare to imagine, your ideas can change things, your ideas can change the world But if you want to progress you must get out of your comfort zone, Nothing is played yet, everything is still possible if you give it the Right, This is how you will live and accomplish great things If you think you can change the world and bring something beautiful, then do it!

Great things never come from comfort zones

Unfortunately, dreams in our life may be, And for some, you've already gone through Or maybe you're going through, But what to do in those moments? One wonders "why us?" "What did I do to deserve this?" This is where life will play with you and it is surely at that moment that you will sink in for a while. Everything is on my mind. Do not let your emotions control you. Many people react according to their emotions. When something negative happens, you let your emotions take over you But you must learn to keep control.

You are exhausted, you have no strength For some you have spent time wanting to realize your dream You have put body and soul into this project You have made sure to work hard, to be serious It was what you were told to do to get there, it was about to walk but no, life decided otherwise But who wants to go back in the ring after being knocked out? Who wants to get up and start again? Nobody, but you MUST do it It is not said how many years you will have to suffer, how long you will have to fail before you know the success You do not dare to believe, You end up doubting the happiness that it can exist because of every time something good happens to you in your life, you are afraid that it will not last Fear of suffering again after your previous failures Either you remain angry at life and you suffer the tragic events and hard of your past Or be you use your past as a force to advance.

You know, in the worst moments of my life to get out of it I thought of people who were in worse situations then me and who continued to fight and believe And I told myself that I did not have the right to give up, that if they could do it, I could do the same Raise up because it's not over until you've decided It's you who sets your own limits again A lot of those who have succeeded passed through poverty, isolation without life showing them for a single second that something better could happen to them But they had confidence in themselves and in their future and that sooner or later they would get there.

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